Conference Speakers


Jason Arbon is the CEO at Checkie.AI. His mission is to test all the world's apps. Google’s AI investment arm led the funding for his previous company ( Jason previously worked on several large-scale products: web search at Google and Bing, the web browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer, operating systems such...Read more

Jeff Carollo
Principal Machine Learning Engineer


Jeff Carollo is currently a Principal Machine Learning Engineer at Apple. Prior to Apple, Jeff trained the ML models responsible for ranking stories on Facebook, and also ran a team that combated election interference during the US 2020 Elections. Prior to Meta, Jeff ran major projects around language understanding at...Read more

Greg Chase
Machine Learning Solutions Engineer
Arize AI

Greg Chase is a data scientist and machine learning engineer who works directly with clients of Arize AI to help them deliver more successful AI in production. Previously, Greg was a Senior Data Scientist at Visa and built machine learning infrastructure at several startups. He lives in Denver, Colorado.Read more

Matt Eland
AI Specialist
Leading EDJE

Matt Eland is a software engineering leader and data scientist who has served as a senior engineer, software engineering manager, professional programming instructor, and has helped build enterprise-level software at a variety of organizations before distinguishing himself as a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence. Matt is an AI Specialist at Leading...Read more

Ethan Ferguson
AVP, Quality Engineer III
BOK Financial

Ethan Ferguson graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2015 with a degree in Sports Management. After graduating, Ethan went into Finance helping clients meet their financial goals. After 3 years, Ethan left the finance industry to enter Technology as a Quality Assurance Specialist. Ethan has led onshore and offshore teams...Read more

Prerak Garg
Senior Director of Cloud and AI Strategy

Prerak Garg is a visionary product leader and strategist in the field of artificial intelligence, currently serving as Senior Director within Microsoft’s Cloud & AI division. At Microsoft, he has been instrumental in shaping the AI strategy and investments, specifically in healthcare. Prior to Microsoft, Garg served as an Engagement...Read more

Dmitriy Gumeniuk
Head of Testing Products
EPAM Systems

Dmitriy Gumeniuk is the Head of Testing Products, Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM Systems, a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services. Dmitriy led development of solution accelerators at Test Competency Center, focusing of Machine Learning and Neural Networks usage in test automation such as Healenium,...Read more

Director, Business Value Engineering GitHub

Matt leads GitHub's Business Value Engineering program, which draws on insights from Systems Engineering, Process Improvement, and Software Quality. Throughout his career, he has served in customer-facing roles at industry-leading organizations such as BEA, Oracle, and Pivotal. At GitHub, he collaborates with customers and prospects to assess and clarify the...Read more

Randy Hesse
Product Owner

Randy Hesse is the Product Owner for Keysight’s Eggplant AI initiatives, where he leads the development and exploration of various machine learning algorithms and applications to bring innovative solutions to market. With a diverse career spanning multiple sectors, including medical, finance, retail, and the Department of Defense, Randy has consistently...Read more

Jonathan Kauffman
Senior Consultant
Coveros, Inc.

Training Class

Jonathan Kauffman works as an agile software development and test consultant at Coveros, a company that helps organizations develop secure software using agile methods. In this role, Jonathan has helped both government and commercial organizations develop and test high-quality applications, and he has gained his experience by working with health...Read more

Chief Innovation Officer
S&P Global Ratings

Sudeep Kesh is the Chief Innovation Officer for S&P Global Ratings. His team is responsible for research, development, and training programs in the realm of Emerging Risk, primarily focused on digital risks like Cyber, Artificial Intelligence, and Technology Disruption, the interplay between these and financial markets, and implications...Read more


Concurrent Sessions

Carlos Kidman is a Director of Engineering at Qualiti but was formerly an Engineering Manager at Adobe. He is also an instructor at Test Automation University with courses around architecture, design, containerization, and Machine Learning. He is the founder of QA at the Point, which is the Testing and Quality...Read more

Tariq King
CEO and Head
Test IO

Tariq King is a recognized thought-leader in software quality engineering. He is currently the CEO and Head of Test IO, an EPAM company that specializes in crowdsourced and professional testing, development, and automation services. Tariq has over fifteen years' professional experience in the software industry, and has formerly held positions...Read more

Phil LaFrance

Phil LaFrance is a software engineer very experienced in working in super fast-paced and agile environments where ambiguity is common and the need to be constantly learning is a requirement. Some of his favorite challenges are tackling difficult tasks that require learning and thought to solve. Prior to joining Coveros,...Read more

Nevra Ledwon
Chief Revenue Officer

Nevra Ledwon is Chief Revenue Officer at DecisionBrain, a provider of custom AI-powered decision support software solutions. Nevra brings over 20 years of experience helping organizations harness data and AI tools and technologies for better decision making. Her experience spans data integration, analytics, mathematical optimization,...Read more

HIen Luu
Sr. Engineering Manager

Hien Luu is Sr. Engineering Manager at DoorDash, leading the Machine Learning platform team. He is particularly passionate about the intersection between Big Data, AI/ML, and MLOps. He is the author of the Beginning Apache Spark 3  book. He has given presentations at various conferences...Read more

Rolf Mistelbacher
CEO & Founder
Fresh van Root

Rolf Mistelbacher is the CEO and Founder of Fresh van Root, a boutique digital marketing agency. With a decade at Microsoft in various marketing managerial roles, Rolf learned marketing from the ground up, mastering all disciplines and channels. An avid marketing enthusiast, he's always on the lookout for the latest...Read more

Rob Nicoletti
CEO & Founder
HALO Strategies

Rob Nicoletti, Founder and CEO of HALO, is an expert in strategy execution. He is driven by data and fueled by empowering businesses—from startups to Fortune 100—to create efficiencies, maximize effectiveness, and realize success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Rob’s knowledge—and impact—is built on a 20-year career as the Founder...Read more

Jeff Payne
CEO and Founder

Jeffery Payne is CEO and founder of Coveros, Inc., a company that helps organizations accelerate software delivery using agile methods. Prior to founding Coveros, he was the co-founder of application security company Cigital, where he served as CEO for 16 years.

Jeffery is a recognized software expert and popular keynote speaker...Read more

Matt Payne
CEO and Founder

Matt Payne is a former Capital One ML Engineer and is the Founder and CEO of is an AI consulting & development firm focused on building AI-based applications for enterprise & early stage startup clients. is a current leader in building and consulting on production-grade GPT products...Read more

Vice President of Technology

Scott Peterson brings a wealth of experience in AI development and management, coupled with a profound commitment to ethical standards. With a background spanning 20 years in Technology, Scott Peterson has led groundbreaking projects at the intersection of technology and ethics. As a recognized thought leader, Scott has contributed to...Read more

Joshua Powers
Technical Director for AI/ML
Dev Technology Group

Joshua Powers is the Technical Director for AI/ML at Dev Technology Group. Josh has 30 years of experience researching and applying artificial intelligence technologies to various business and public sector challenges. Before Dev Tech, he was VP of Data Analytics at WorldAware. He developed a large-scale open-source intelligence exploitation platform...Read more

Kevin Pyles
Director Test Engineering
O.C. Tanner

Kevin Pyles has been in the QA industry now for over 15 years with project, product, and management roles throughout. Kevin is currently the Director of Test Engineering at O.C. Tanner. Kevin also served on the board for QA at the Point (a local testing meetup), and is an award-winning...Read more

Dionny Santiago
Engineering Manager

Dionny Santiago is an Engineering Manager at Indeed and has 12+ years of industry experience working as an SW/QA/ML engineer, software/test architect, and engineering manager. Dionny completed his master's thesis on exploring the intersection between AI and test automation and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in this problem space. One...Read more

Dona Sarkar
Chief Trouble Maker - Co-Pilot and AI Extensibility

Dona Sakar believes you are one experiment away from being your most powerful self at work. And yes, in life! Currently, at her day job, she's running 100 experiments as the Chief Troublemaker of the Microsoft AI and Copilot Extensibility Program. Her goal is that people all over the world...Read more

Rizel Scarlett
Staff Developer Advocate

Rizel Scarlett is a Staff Developer Advocate at TBD, Block's newest business unit. With a diverse background spanning GitHub, startups, and non-profit organizations, Rizel has cultivated a passion for utilizing emerging technologies to champion equity within the tech industry. She moonlights as an Advisor at G{Code} House, an organization aimed...Read more


Lizzie serves developers in the Bay Area and beyond on Cloudfare's developer evangelism team and holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Bryn Mawr. She likes Swift, JavaScript, and working with AI, but has been seen writing Python and Haskell as well. When not organizing or attending hackathons and...Read more


Tom Stiehm has been developing applications and managing software development teams for over twenty years. As CTO of Coveros, he is responsible for the oversight of all technical projects and integrating new technologies and testing practices into software development projects. Recently, Tom has been focusing on how to incorporate DevSecOps...Read more