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Wednesday, June 5

8:30 AM PT


Dona Sarkar

KEYNOTE | I Got 99 Problems, but AI Ain't One

How many of you have heard that AI is here to take your job? Yeah, exactly. Us too. Apparently, AI is here to take ALL the jobs. Yet, here we are, employed and busier than EVER. Did you know that every large tech company has announced AI products this year with the promise to transform your business? Join Dona to learn: What in this latest AI craze is hype, and what is real? What are successful companies actually doing with AI these days? What are three things that you ABSOLUTELY should be doing in the next six months to get your business ready to implement AI in a secure and responsible way?

9:25 AM PT


Hien Luu

KEYNOTE | AI/ML Adoption Strategies for Enterprises

It is evident that AI/ML is significantly impacting how businesses operate, transforming the enterprise landscape in various ways, enhancing customer experience, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. The desire to incorporate AI/ML is there, but enterprises often struggle with where to start or how to do it in a repeatable and sustainable manner. Hien will discuss the key challenges to AI/ML adoption and share practical strategies for overcoming them. He will explore the critical factors that drive successful implementation, including data readiness, organizational culture, and strategy alignment. Uncover practical adoption strategies to harness the full potential of these transformative technologies. Join Hien as he discusses some successful case studies of enterprises that have adopted AI/ML. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of AI/ML adoption and will leave equipped with adoption strategies to help achieve their company's business goals and gain a competitive advantage.

10:05 AM PT


Nevra Ledwon

KEYNOTE | The Unseen Engine of AI: How 5 Innovation-Minded Companies Optimized for Operational Efficiency

Why does one of the AI domains with the highest ROI frequently go unnoticed in mainstream discussions about AI? Could it be that Mathematical Optimization, with its equations and complex algorithms, is too often seen as the exclusive domain of PhDs in operations research or industrial engineering? Thankfully, optimization tools and techniques are now more accessible than ever. In this session, we will explore how mathematical optimization is transforming operational decision-making. We will detail how five innovation-minded companies across diverse sectors are applying optimization techniques, often in combination with machine learning, to effectively manage their operations while balancing efficiency, service level and other KPI targets, even amidst operational disruptions and demand shifts. These case studies from recognizable brands span workforce, logistics, maintenance, and manufacturing planning and scheduling use cases. Be inspired by these real-world examples showcasing how optimization is enabling organizations to build operations that are not only more resilient and adaptable but also better positioned to thrive amidst today's unpredictable world.

10:45 AM PT

Break - Explore the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

3:30 PM PT


Sudeep Kesh
S&P Global Ratings

KEYNOTE | Operationalizing Disruptive Technologies: A Strategic Framework for Harnessing the Power of GenAI

The advent of disruptive technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence, has ushered in a new era of possibilities and challenges. Join Mary as she proposes a comprehensive framework for operationalizing disruptive technologies, specifically focusing on the transformative potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). As organizations grapple with integrating GenAI into their operations, there is a pressing need for a structured approach that addresses technical, ethical, and organizational considerations. Mary will delve into a strategic framework designed to guide businesses in effectively operationalizing GenAI. The framework's key components include identifying suitable use cases, establishment of ethical guidelines, integration with existing workflows, and developing adaptive organizational structures. Through practical insights, attendees will gain a nuanced understanding of the challenges associated with implementing GenAI and the strategic steps required for successful integration. She will explore the dynamic nature of GenAI and the importance of continuous adaptation. The proposed framework encourages a flexible and iterative approach, allowing organizations to stay agile despite evolving technologies and market demands. Ultimately, this empowers businesses to harness the full potential of GenAI for sustainable innovation and competitive advantage.

4:10 PM PT


Dionny Santiago

KEYNOTE | AI: A Moderated Panel Discussion

Artificial intelligence is transforming both society and industry at an exceedingly rapid pace, raising questions about the implications. How will AI shape our future? What ethical and safety considerations should guide its development? What is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? How close are we to AGI, and should we be concerned? Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Dionny Santiago and take the opportunity to ask industry leaders the most pressing questions in AI.

Thursday, June 6

8:30 AM PT


Tariq King
Test IO

KEYNOTE | Humanizing AI

AI is becoming human—more human in the way it communicates, responding based on context, and matching the tone that we articulate.
AI is becoming human—quite human in what it generates, expressing itself through creative works and the solutions it quickly formulates.
AI is becoming human—which is evidenced by how well it imitates, deceiving us with convincing content even though we know it hallucinates.
AI is becoming human—is this something we'll appreciate? Or will humanizing AI be the end of us? The trigger to an apocalyptic human fate.
But if AI is becoming human, certainly, we'll have to shape, navigate, evaluate, mitigate, integrate, validate, and, most importantly, regulate.
Join Tariq King on a journey to the human side of artificial intelligence.

9:25 AM PT


Jeff Carollo

KEYNOTE | Adventures in AI

Jeff will share select war stories from his career working on various AI projects, along with crucial mistakes made and lessons learned. The talk will be as informative as it will be entertaining.

10:30 AM PT


Matthew Gunter

KEYNOTE | Realizing the Potential of AI Tools for Software Development

In this keynote, we explore the transformative impact of AI tool adoption in software development, focusing on measuring the tangible benefits, implementing effective dashboarding for real-time insights, and linking time savings to strategic business outcomes. We delve into best practices for quantifying efficiency gains and how these advancements not only enhance immediate development processes but also contribute significantly to broader organizational goals. This discussion aims to equip attendees with actionable strategies for leveraging AI tools to achieve competitive advantage, drive innovation, and foster a culture of continuous improvement in the tech landscape.

11:20 AM PT

Break - Explore the Expo - Play the Amazing Race Game

3:20 PM PT


Rob Nicoletti
HALO Strategies

KEYNOTE | Embrace AI Holistically and Unlock Your Growth Potential

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, AI and machine learning are revolutionizing our operations, promising innovation and efficiency at every turn. But beyond the surface-level benefits lies a deeper transformation—the liberation of our most valuable resources: time, money, and clarity. Join HALO's Founder, Rob Nicoletti in this dynamic keynote as he shares the transformative power of embracing AI holistically. Discover how AI can propel us beyond mundane tasks, freeing us to make meaningful contributions in our work, lives, and in the world. Far from diminishing our humanity, AI illuminates the path towards a future of work where individuals, teams, and companies thrive. Rob will share practical strategies and compelling stories from the frontlines, showing you how to embrace AI as a catalyst for human potential acceleration.