About Us

TechWell delivers training, support, research, and publications to software managers, developers, test professionals, and quality engineers worldwide. Since 1986, we have been at the forefront of software quality improvement technology and were instrumental in setting the stage for the software industry to view testing as a distinct discipline. Today, TechWell produces several of the most respected conferences in the software testing and development industry including the STAR, Agile + DevOps, and EPIC Experience conference series. TechWell hosts international gatherings of software professionals and experts focused on building better software. Our events feature real-world techniques and strategies from leading software organizations, practical insight from industry experts, as well as the knowledge and support gained through peer-based networking.

We also produce some of the industry’s highest-rated communities; places to learn, exchange ideas, and join the conversation. TechWell communities offer solutions for software professionals with information on emerging trends, the latest ideas, and industry news.

  • AgileConnection brings together the latest agile ideas and practices from experienced software professionals and thought leaders.
  • StickyMinds is the go-to resource for software testers, SQA professionals, and anyone with an interest in improving software quality.
  • CMCrossroads is a premier meeting place to share information on SCM, ALM, change management, DevOps and more.

Our parent organization, Coveros, provides industry-recognized consulting and coaching as well as testing and development training for more than half of the Fortune 1000, offering one of the widest selections of specialized software training courses available. Developed and taught by top industry consultants, all courses are based on the latest industry practices and updated regularly to reflect current technologies, trends, and issues. Students receive expert instruction offered in the many formats to accommodate their training needs.