Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Supercharge Your Workflow: To GitHub and Beyond

Whether you are new or experienced with GitHub this class is for you! Supercharging your workflow caters to anyone who wants to enhance their Agile and DevOps process with the capabilities of GitHub. GitHub has long been the premier site for open-source projects and is now turning a pivotal corner into becoming the predominant platform for all aspects of the development lifecycle. Some examples of this include; protecting company code through various GitHub Products or curating marketplace actions and workflows prior to use. This tutorial will look at how to leverage GitHub Actions (CI/CD), automate issue creation and assignments in GitHub Projects, leverage discussion information into actionable feedback, and how to seamlessly shift left using repository protection and vulnerability remediation tools built into GitHub. Finally, what tutorial would be complete without some AI!? GitHub CoPilot presents a new approach to software development and if that interests you, come join Phil and Dalton for this tutorial.

Phil LaFrance

Phil LaFrance is a software engineer very experienced in working in super fast-paced and agile environments where ambiguity is common and the need to be constantly learning is a requirement. Some of his favorite challenges are tackling difficult tasks that require learning and thought to solve. Prior to joining Coveros, where he is helping build the App Sec team, Phil was a Lead Software Engineer and Web and Mobile Developer and holds a masters degree in Cyber Security.