Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Image Classification using LLMs and Transfer Learning

Large language models, like Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) to create textual content in ChatBots and other Generative AI applications, have garnered much attention recently. However, not all data is textual. Another important use of LLMs is for image processing to address real-world problems such as: real-time object recognition, classification of images, and generation of modern art. Jeffery Payne will explore how large language models for images (also known as visual language models - VLMs) can be used for image classification, object detection, image capture generation, and other important efforts. Learn how to use existing LLMs for image processing tasks. Join Jeffery as he explores how transfer learning can fine-tune a specific image-processing task based on a general LLM. Leave with an understanding of the various popular LLM models that exist and valuable information on how to leverage LLMs for image analysis.

Jeff Payne

Jeffery Payne is CEO and founder of Coveros, Inc., a company that helps organizations accelerate software delivery using agile methods. Prior to founding Coveros, he was the co-founder of application security company Cigital, where he served as CEO for 16 years.

Jeffery is a recognized software expert and popular keynote speaker at both business and technology conferences on a variety of software quality, security, DevOps, and agile topics. He has testified in front of congress on issues such as digital rights mgmt., software quality, and software research.

Jeffery is the technical editor of the AgileConnection community (