Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Beginning Data Analysis and Machine Learning with Jupyter Notebooks

In this beginner-friendly workshop you'll see how you can get started with data analytics and data science using Jupyter Notebooks. Matt will start with the basics of notebooks and then move on to using Python, Pandas, and NumPy to perform basic exploratory data analysis. See how you can use Plotly Express to create interactive charts and visuals with only a minimal amount of code. Once you've grasped the basics of understanding and visualizing the data Matt will move on to machine learning with SciKit-Learn as you train and evaluate predictive regression and classification models. The tutorial will cover common concerns in machine learning such as biases in data, the importance of data cleaning and feature engineering, comparing different models, and model drift. Finally, close with an exploration of the myriad of other ways you and your team can use notebooks to conduct repeatable data science experiments, mix together code and markdown, and even extend Jupyter Notebooks to other languages. You'll leave with a deeper set of tools that you can use to analyze data and make predictions with trained machine learning models.

Matt Eland
Leading EDJE

Matt Eland is a software engineering leader and data scientist who has served as a senior engineer, software engineering manager, professional programming instructor, and has helped build enterprise-level software at a variety of organizations before distinguishing himself as a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence. Matt is an AI Specialist at Leading EDJE, is the author of Refactoring with C# and the upcoming book, Data Science in .NET with Polyglot Notebooks. Matt has also authored a LinkedIn Learning course on Computer Vision on Azure relating to the Azure AI Engineer associate certification which he holds along with the Azure Data Scientist associate certification. Matt organizes the Central Ohio .NET Developer Groups and helps organize several conferences in the midwestern United States. Matt is finalizing his master's degree in data analytics and occasionally sleeps as well.