Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 3:30pm to 4:10pm

Operationalizing Disruptive Technologies—A Fresh Take On Developing Your Business Model

From decades-long development of technologies like machine learning to OpenAI’s watershed moment with ChatGPT, companies of all sizes are looking to find and execute on new opportunities and capture the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence. How can one decide what AI technologies have the best fit for their business? How can one successfully drive value for customers?” Join Sudeep as he proposes a human-focused approach to AI, capitalizing on humans’ ability to innovate, learn, communicate, and share and AI’s ability to process and evaluate huge swaths of data swiftly to help in decision-making. Through practical insights, attendees will gain a nuanced understanding of the challenges associated with implementing AI and strategic steps required for successful integration. The session will leverage the power of self-reflection to enable actionable insights for organizations of all sizes to innovate and evolve with purpose, sustainability, and customers in the center.

S&P Global Ratings

Sudeep Kesh is the Chief Innovation Officer for S&P Global Ratings. His team is responsible for research, development, and training programs in the realm of Emerging Risk, primarily focused on digital risks like Cyber, Artificial Intelligence, and Technology Disruption, the interplay between these and financial markets, and implications to the evolving risk landscape more broadly. Additionally, Sudeep leads the Technology Disruption Research Lab across S&P Global where he leads analysts in research and thought leadership across the enterprise, most recently launching S&P Global’s Artificial Intelligence Insights ( Sudeep has also led award-winning training programs to help galvanize analysts’ thinking across the globe in these matters. In prior roles, Sudeep has led a global team of credit research and economics professionals to author well-regarded, award-winning research on various credit research topics. Sudeep holds a BSc in Management Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Binghamton University.