Thursday, June 6, 2024 - 11:30am to 12:00pm

Prototype at the Speed of Thought: How AI is Changing the Game for Creators

Most product ideas die on the backlog because we can't find the time, lack the skills, or fail to get others excited about them. But thanks to AI, that no longer has to be the case. Product Builders, Project Managers, DevOps Managers, and simply creators of all kinds can turn a napkin sketch into a clickable prototype within hours. Rolf Mistelbacher shares why AI is turbocharging prototyping and how the arrival of new AI-powered creator tools is driving that change. He shows how you can transform your idea into a clickable prototype without writing code—creating wireframes and a user interface, generating code, deploying your prototype on the web, and getting feedback on it. Drawing from direct experience, this talk will offer a glimpse into the current capabilities of AI in prototyping and a visionary look at its future potential, equipping you with the knowledge to bring your ideas to life.

Rolf Mistelbacher
Fresh van Root

Rolf Mistelbacher is the CEO and Founder of Fresh van Root, a boutique digital marketing agency. With a decade at Microsoft in various marketing managerial roles, Rolf learned marketing from the ground up, mastering all disciplines and channels. An avid marketing enthusiast, he's always on the lookout for the latest tools and apps, and was an early adopter of generative AI. Rolf has graced numerous web conferences as a speaker, penned hundreds of insightful blog posts, and curates a bi-monthly newsletter for creators across industries. Outside of his professional realm, Rolf enjoys running, spending quality time with his family and friends, and indulging in his tech hobbies.