Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 1:40pm to 2:10pm

Postman and AI: Transforming Manual QA to Quality Engineers

Facing the dual challenge of enhancing deployment quality without extending regression testing time, Ethan Ferguson's team turned to automation. The team consisted mainly of manual QA professionals with a background in UI testing, not automation engineering. The question was how to leverage the existing team's skills to test services layers and develop stable release automation scripts. Utilizing prior experience in building Postman automation frameworks, they aimed to empower the team. Concurrent company changes included adopting Postman as the primary API testing tool and integrating TeamsGPT, an adapted version of ChatGPT for enterprise use. They initiated the transition by enrolling the team in a free JavaScript course to familiarize them with script basics. With the foundational knowledge in place, they utilized TeamsGPT to craft scripts, requiring only minor refinements from the team. This approach enabled them to incorporate automation alongside development, ensuring tests were ready for the subsequent regression cycle. Join Ethan as he demonstrates these practical steps, showcasing how organizations can introduce efficient automation at minimal cost.

Ethan Ferguson
BOK Financial

Ethan Ferguson graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2015 with a degree in Sports Management. After graduating, Ethan went into Finance helping clients meet their financial goals. After 3 years, Ethan left the finance industry to enter Technology as a Quality Assurance Specialist. Ethan has led onshore and offshore teams to release new mobile applications, create API automation frameworks with Postman, and transform manual, non-technical QA personnel to testing the services layer and writing automation scripts for APIs. Ethan is continuing to lead multiple roadmaps within Bank of Oklahoma Financial to deliver quality code to production using UI and Services automations as well as manual testing approaches.