Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 2:20pm to 2:50pm

Mad Data Science: Using AI to Build Ridiculous Things

Have you ever gotten into an argument on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie and thought "If only machine learning could help" or "What could I do to automate my dog's daily routine and make his life easier" or "Is it possible to spend 3 months time to determine if I can sleep in 5 minutes tomorrow morning"? If so, you might get along with Matt Eland. Come join this lighthearted talk as he tours you through some ridiculous uses of AI and Machine Learning with topics ranging from large language models to reinforcement learning to simple regression algorithms. You'll get a brief survey of data science and AI and see how these fascinating technologies can be used for fun and profit—and how simple hobby projects can lead to real learning, growth, and innovation. As a bonus, you'll find out the truth about Die Hard and come away with some helpful starting points for trying your own mad data science experiments.

Matt Eland
Leading EDJE

Matt Eland is a software engineering leader and data scientist who has served as a senior engineer, software engineering manager, professional programming instructor, and has helped build enterprise-level software at a variety of organizations before distinguishing himself as a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence. Matt is an AI Specialist at Leading EDJE, is the author of Refactoring with C# and the upcoming book, Data Science in .NET with Polyglot Notebooks. Matt has also authored a LinkedIn Learning course on Computer Vision on Azure relating to the Azure AI Engineer associate certification which he holds along with the Azure Data Scientist associate certification. Matt organizes the Central Ohio .NET Developer Groups and helps organize several conferences in the midwestern United States. Matt is finalizing his master's degree in data analytics and occasionally sleeps as well.