Thursday, June 6, 2024 - 1:40pm to 2:10pm

How Gen AI and Prompt Engineering Turns Testers into Superheroes!

Envision a testing realm infused with AI-driven superpowers, where a reliable AI companion will revolutionize how we approach testing. This companion doesn't just assist; it transforms the adventure of creating test cases that span the full spectrum of possibilities and pinpointing bugs in the most unexpected places. This is the essence of AI-augmented testing, a paradigm where AI elevates testers to maestros, orchestrating a symphony of enhanced augmented test intelligence. Jonathan Wright will go beyond merely discussing the technological underpinnings (e.g., GNN, RAG, RGA, NLU). It's a rallying cry for test professionals everywhere to embrace an era where their skills are amplified to superhero proportions. Through a blend of real-world anecdotes and hands-on demonstrations, participants will gain firsthand experience in leveraging generative AI for crafting exhaustive manual test cases, automating intricate testing scenarios, and achieving bug detection with unprecedented accuracy. He'll delve deep into the art of prompt engineering and fine-tuning, demonstrating how to design precise prompts that guide Generative AI in executing highly specialized testing tasks, thus opening new horizons in test engineering prowess!

Randy Hesse

Randy Hesse is the Product Owner for Keysight’s Eggplant AI initiatives, where he leads the development and exploration of various machine learning algorithms and applications to bring innovative solutions to market. With a diverse career spanning multiple sectors, including medical, finance, retail, and the Department of Defense, Randy has consistently demonstrated his expertise in driving technological advancements. As a visionary, he pioneered the integration of image recognition and natural language processing into Keysight’s internal software, establishing himself as a thought leader within the company.